There are loads of ways Ferly can be used.

Whether offering loyalty rewards to your customers, selling gift cards or providing seasonal incentives to redeem their rewards for your merchandise, Ferly has something for everyone. Your customers can even earn Ferly Cash to redeem at a future date for merchant gift value within the Ferly Marketplace.


The Ferly platform lets your customers buy and use gift value for themselves or share it with family and friends.

  • Because individual profile information is tied securely to each digital wallet, you know who holds gift value and how much is in their wallet at any time.
  • Distribute gift value digitally for lower cost, greater reach and easier access than with traditional plastic gift cards.
  • Leverage Ferly’s mobile-first platform to reach your customers on their mobile devices.
  • Promote your brand in the Ferly Marketplace where users can buy your gift value digitally anytime they wish.


The Ferly platform lets people receive tailored incentives based on their purchase behavior, informed by data analytics.

  • Provide incentives to new customers, reward repeat customers and launch targeted promotions.
  • Define and differentiate your gift value for specific purposes such as gift, rewards and incentives.
  • Configure various elements of gift value, including expiration dates, fees, and transferability.
  • Understand the gift purchase patterns of each user and message them accordingly.


The Ferly platform lets you deposit rewards and incentives directly into your customers’ digital wallets.

  • Offer promotions to customers who already have your gift value to prompt redemption and increase sales.
  • Reward programs can be easily configured to support your specific marketing objectives.
  • Since reward bonuses are only usable in the Ferly Marketplace, customers are incentivized to shop with you.
  • Rewards can prompt repeat purchase, add-on purchase and social sharing of reward value.

Ferly Cash

The Ferly platform allows users to load funds into their wallet as often as they would like.

  • Funds are loaded into the wallet via bank transfer or payroll deposit to ensure they are securely processed.
  • Customers use their wallet balance to purchase gift value from any merchant in the Marketplace.
  • Customers can use the funds in their wallet for themselves or share with friends and family right from the mobile app!