Are there limits to the kinds of incentives I can provide my customers through Ferly?

The variety of incentives you can offer your customers is virtually unlimited
as long as each offer has a dollar amount associated with it.

How long does it take to get set up on the Ferly Platform?

1 week for a non-custom implementation of the Ferly Platform; 8 weeks for a custom implementation of the Platform

Does Ferly work across borders or with different currencies?

Yes. Ferly works with 150 different currencies around the world.

If I implement the Ferly Platform, can I become part of the Ferly Marketplace?

Yes, as part of the Ferly Platform, you can choose to be added to the Ferly Marketplace or you can select to offer your customers their own private marketplace from which to buy and redeem value you or your partners offer.

Can I brand the Ferly card with my own company identity?

Yes, Ferly can be branded with your identity, colors and look and feel. Some of the content is required but much of it is modifiable.

Can I use my own development team to develop on the Ferly API, or do I need to use Ferly developers or Ferly authorized resources to do so?

You can use your own development team as long as they follow the guidelines associated with the API and provide check points along the way for Ferly to determine if the guidelines have been adhered to. We want to ensure you get to the end or your development with a solution that will have successful deployment.

What happens if my customers lose the ir Ferly Card or my Branded Ferly Card?

Customers can call the phone number on the Ferly website to receive a replacement Ferly Card for a fee of $5, or you can choose to cover any card replacement costs as part of your Ferly Platform agreement.

Do my customers have additional options beyond the Ferly card to redeem value?

Yes, API integration can enable card free transactions for online and in-store purchases.