Retailers love Ferly.

Keep your customers close

When customers use Ferly they’re never very far away from you, so you can easily offer them promotions and rewards whenever you want.

Always open.

Because Ferly stays active in the palm of your customer’s hand, they can buy, give and redeem gift value anytime they want.

Simplify the buying experience.

Eliminate the need for POS integration with a debit card on a national debit network to redeem gift value.

Save Money. Save Plastic.

The Ferly Card eliminates the need for producing and distributingphysical plastic gift cards.

Francises love Ferly.

Watch their business grow.

Every franchisee wants to grow. With Ferly you can support their growth with real-time program data.

Give it your branding touch.

The Ferly app can be private labeled with your unique brand so you can build customer loyalty.

Collect valuable data.

Track customer usage and offer redemption across your entire franchise network.

See the big picture.

See what’s happening at the franchisee level with Ferly’s robust visibility tools.

Direct Sales companies love Ferly

Grow sales.

Distribute digital promotions and incentives to associates and customers that can be used personally or shared with friends and family.

Build your team.

Enable “associate to associate” payments of gift, promotions, incentives and rewards.

Global application.

Flexible multi-currency platform lets you distribute gift, reward and incentive value directly to associates and customers anywhere and in 160 currencies.

Loyalty Programs.

Instant setup and delivery of loyalty rewards for customers and preferred customers.

Become a Ferly Merchant

Explore the tremendous revenue opportunities Ferly can offer you as a Ferly Merchant.