Introducing the Ferly Platform.

Ferly is a complete platform for delivering gift, reward and incentive value directly to your end customers and tracking their usage of that value. Incentivize users to act, reward them for loyalty, offer them promotions, and encourage them to give value to others.

The Mobile App

Where the magic happens.

For Merchants

Issue gift value.

Issue your gift value digitally through an in-app marketplace.

View balances.

View real-time balance and usage information of all users who hold your value.

Reward users for loyalty.

Provide incentives to encourage repeat purchase and social sharing.

Download the app.

For Consumers

Purchase gift value.

Browse the in-app marketplace and purchase value anytime, anywhere.

View and manage balances.

Track all available value you hold in your digital wallet.

Share gift value with others.

Give gift value with friends and family by transferring it instantly from app to app.


There are two ways to adopt Ferly.


Ferly Marketplace
Ferly Card

Distribute your gift, reward and incentive value digitally without the friction of plastic logistics.

Expand distribution to more of your customers by reaching a new audience of digital users.

Showcase your offerings within a persistent, always-on marketplace in users’ hands.

Add new gift, reward and incentive offers to the marketplace instantly.


Private Marketplace
Private Label Card

Get all marketplace benefits plus the benefit of custom integration with your existing systems.

Create deeper and more consistentcustomer engagement with your brand.

Offer highly personalized promotions and incentives based on customer behavior.

Customers use a card and corresponding mobile app that carries your brand on it.

Real-time Analytics

Track usage data in real-time.

See what value your customers hold.
Access real-time data on customer spending, held value, transfers and transactions.

Observe actual customer behavior.
Make informed decisions based on actual real time behavior instead of relying on post-action surveys and tracking studies.

Track ROI on all offers
Measure the actual ROI of promotions, loyalty programs, incentives and other offers in real time.

Enterprise API

Brand your app. Brand your card.

Make Ferly part of your system.
Integrate the Ferly Platform into your existing financial and operations systems so it’s all together.

Get close to your customers.
Create an entirely branded experience for your customers so they feel more loyal and connected to you.

Create custom programs and promotions.
Use our customizable platform to offer unique and personalized customer promotions and programs.