Now available at select merchants throughout Utah

Use the Ferly Card and the companion Ferly app to buy, redeem, and give digital gift card value.

See why so many merchants are using Ferly.

Reach Your Customers

Communicate with customers through offers, notifications, and other incentives to encourage redemption of your gift value.

Always Open

Sell your gift value in the in-app marketplace, making it available to your customers anytime, anywhere – even when your stores are closed.

Simplify the Buying Experience

Eliminate the need for point-of-sale (POS) integration with a debit card on a national debit network to redeem gift value.

Save Money and Plastic

The Ferly Card eliminates the need for producing, distributing, and maintaining physical plastic gift cards.

Join the growing list of merchants using Ferly.

Watch Your Business Grow

Better manage corporate and franchise locations with a gift value program that scales with you as you grow.

Collect Valuable Data

Use customer ownership and behavioral data to market other retail offerings to relevant and promising target markets.

See the Big Picture

Use the Merchant Portal to see customer activity and update offers in real time, gaining maximum and oversight into your gift card program.

Put Your Stamp On Branding

Easily and seamlessly control branding and customer experience via the Merchant Portal.

Come and join the family.