The Ferly Platform

Flexible multi-currency platform lets you distribute gift, reward and incentive value directly to customers anywhere.

Single Card

Gift, reward and incentive value on a single, no-cost card.

Mobile App

Merchants offer digital gift, reward and incentive value through a mobile app.


Enable your customers to purchase gifts, earn rewards and find your promotions.

Real-time Analytics

Get instant access to individual as well as total customer value outstanding.

Enterprise API

Use the open API to develop custom, branded solutions on top of the Ferly platform.

See Who’s Excited About Ferly


Promote your brand in the Ferly Marketplace with customer incentives, promotions and digital gift cards for friends and family.


Extend your franchise marketing with the Ferly Marketplace and easily manage customer incentives, referrals and loyalty rewards with multi-location redemption.

Direct Sales

Create exclusive rewards, loyalty and promotions for your team members with your own private marketplace that can be shared with friends and family

What Do People Use Ferly For?

Give Gift Value

Enable your customers to purchase and send gift card value to family and friends.

Shower Rewards

Offer targeted promotions, incentives and rewards and easily track the success of each program.

Provide Incentives

Instantly push incentive and reward offers to one or all of your customers on demand.

Reward Loyalty

Reward customer loyalty with your own private BrandCash based on actions you define and measure.